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Distracted Driving update: has your student taken the pledge?

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I am excited about my DD presentations! For those of you who don’t know, DD stands for Distracted Driving. This April I am presenting to Taft and Marshall high schools in San Antonio and Needville High School in Needville, Texas. As well as Champion High and Boerne High in Boerne, Texas.

The presentation is collaboration between 60forsafety.org and enddd.org whose mission is educate and inform our society about the dangers of distracted driving. This April happens to be National Distracted Driving Month and hundreds of attorneys who are passionate about promoting safety and preventing injuries will join judges, safety experts and advocates in making presentations at hundreds of schools, community groups, civic organizations and other gatherings in every state in the U.S. and every province throughout Canada. Each educational, informative and inspiring talk will present the sobering statistics of the current safety crisis related to Distracted Driving, share true stories of the costs of Distracted Driving, and offer simple steps that drivers (and passengers) of all ages can use immediately to help themselves and others around them End Distracted Driving.

The goal is large, but very possible one- to reach more than 100,000 student drivers in a single week.

This will kick off an ongoing safety and awareness campaign that will continue throughout 2012 and beyond.

The initiative was started by Joel Feldman whose daughter Casey was killed by a Distracted Driver in 2009. Casey died because a driver took his eyes off the road for just a few seconds. This completely preventable accident occurs to often by careless drivers of all ages. Unfortunately, even as an adult I too have found myself driving distracted at one point or another. However, the main group that is most vulnerable to driving distracted is our youth who are just beginning to learn the skills needed to be an efficient driver.

Please join me on the mission to truly make a difference in our communities by taking the pledge to end Distracted Driving. I will have spoken to over 2,000 students by the end of this week!

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  1. Karen Swim says:
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    Hats off to you for seeing a problem and choosing to get involved and be part of the solution! Having respected community leaders take time from a busy schedule is advancing this message and bringing a new level of awareness to this issue.